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Sim Card Availability

We understand that you will need to keep connected to each other and family/friends at home while traveling so we have provided you with a variety of options to obtain a sim card as well as giving you the WIFI availability at the different event locations.

We have teamed up with StayConnect to avail of some discounted rates for unlimited plans while in Canada.  You can avail of the Canada AND USA sim card IF you are traveling to USA after your Canada visit.

Please note that these sim cards will be sent to Toronto Centre for Oneness (Bhawan) and the SNM Meet & Greet team will assist you in receiving your order.

The two options from StayConnect are as follows:

  • Canada Gold
  • Canada Plus USA Gold


  • Unlimited Local Calls.
  • Unlimited International Calls**.
  • Unlimited Data.*3GB LTE thereafter 128kps speed
  • Incoming free.
  • Valid for Canada Only.
  • Plan valid for 30 days from date of activation.
  • Prices range from 3499INR to 3798INR (US$53 to US$58 approx) depending on country of origin.


  • Unlimited Local Calls.
  • Unlimited International Calls**.
  • Unlimited Data. *3GB LTE thereafter 128kps speed
  • Incoming free.
  • Valid for Canada and USA.
  • Plan valid for 30 days from date of activation
  • Prices range from 3799 INR to 4089 INR (US$58 to US$61 approx) depending on country of origin.


**Unlimited International Calls back to ONLY to these following countries: INDIA, UK, USA, ITALY, GREECE, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, SPAIN (Landline only) , AUSTRALIA (Landline only). Whichever country you select you are from – you will ONLY be able to make unlimited calls back to that ONE country. For all OTHER countries – there are no Unlimited International calls available.


Please follow these steps to order your sim cards:

  1. Login with site using url
  2. Choose the Plan by clicking on get price.
  3. Pop up box will appear and select the country under the heading SELECT COUNTRY ORIGIN. and use promocode NIS2  and click on submit button, price will appear as label.
  4. Click on Buy after clicking on submit.
  5. Select the number of sim required and fill the form** with appropriate details and select the country from the list and click on
  6. When filling form it asks your UIN number.
    UIN number is unique number assigned to those attending for NIS2 event. If you do not know your UIN number , please download SNM events app , navigate to registration tab.
    Login with your email (as used for registration of event), First Name of Primary member of family, Last Name and Mobile number as provided during registration.
    This would pull up your registration and show your UIN number.
    In case of any issues to get UIN number , please send email to [email protected] and someone would provide you UIN .
  7. Check the box under I accept the Terms and Conditions … and click on Confirm Payment. (Passport scans NOT REQUIRED)
  8. Click on Submit, this takes you to payment site and now you can proceed further by entering required details.

Please continue to place your orders before you arrival. We have also made arrangements so that you can place order on your arrival with Information desk.
Please note any orders for SIM placed after arrival may take up to 24 hours to become active. So it is highly encouraged to place order before your arrival

All SIM shall be available with Welcome/Reception team.


Another option for a pre-paid sim card that is available for both Canada and/or USA as well that can be delivered to you in the USA (please do check various delivery times as stated on website) is SIMILICIOUS.  THEIR PLAN IS LOWER IN COST (less than US$20 but does not provide unlimited calling or unlimited data options.

Please note we have no affiliation with them and are simply providing an alternative option)

Please place order for this pre paid plan card but provide following address for delivery

Centre for Oneness

2774 Bovaird Drive West
Brampton ON L7A 0H2


We understand that you may be traveling with a few members in your group and not everyone will require unlimited plans so here are some local Canadian sim card providers that may have smaller packages for those that only require a basic service.

Please check the details and see what may be the best option for you.


Chatr Wireless:


Koodo Mobile:

Bell Canada:

Telus Mobility:


If ordering any of the above prepaid SIM cards you can provide following option for shipment

Centre for Oneness

2774 Bovaird Drive West
Brampton ON L7A 0H2


For those of you IN the US that have plans with the local carriers – we have provided the links to find out more about the International calling options (all depend on what plan you have with the carrier). Please see the below links:






Some who are only coming for a few days who may just want to connect via WIFI, these are the places WIFI is available to you to see if that works for your needs.

Hotels: Please check with your individual hotels for their wifi options.

Harbour Front Centre:

Toronto Centre for Oneness (Bhawan): WIFI will be provided inside the bhawan.

Pearson Convention Center: No WIFI available


Mobile Carriers

Carrier Plan Cost  How to enroll
Verizon Wireless Travel Pass $2 /Day Call Customer care and ask them to Enroll from that particular day. You will only be charged for days you are in Canada
AT&T ( For subscribers less than 15 GB data plan ) Passport Cost varies Have to call  Customer care
AT&T ( For subscribers MORE than 15 GB data plan ) Mobile Share plan Free Have to call customer  care / Retention department to activate free service for Canada and Mexico
T-Mobile Simple Choice North America Unlimited Talk , Text and Data Call customer care to make sure you are enrolled in right plan and Canada is  free.
Sprint Sprint Open world Plan Unlimited talk and text and 1 GB of Data Call Customer care to  enroll and activate roaming prior to travel