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Question: If I leave the Registration Form incomplete, will I be able to continue where I left off?

Answer: Yes. Every time you press any of the navigation buttons (“Prev” or “Next”) on the bottom of each page, your registration information is saved. To go back to the registration form and continue from where you left off, click on the link from the original email you received with the subject of “NIS 2 Registration Form”. This link can also be used after you have submitted your Registration Form to update any travel, accommodation, or visa details.

Question: I did not receive the email with a link to the Registration Form, what should I do?

Answer: After submitting your email address on the Registration page, please allow 5-to-7 minutes to receive an email to the Registration Form.

If you still have not received an email or have lost the original email with the link, please inform us at [email protected]

Question: How will the information I provided in the registration form be used?

Answer: The information you provide will be used primarily for planning; additionally, we may use your contact information to invite you to future SNM events.

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